Maison Berger at The Painted Cottage

lampe maison berger air pur home fragrance annapolis md
Introducing "Maison Berger Paris" - a rebranding that pays homage to our unique hub of creativity and inspiration, where the French passion for arts, air purification, and home fragrances thrives. With 120 years of history, our journey began in 1898 when Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, designed a small catalytic lamp to purify hospital air. The lamp's popularity soared, attracting renowned designers and esteemed artists like Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette, and Jean Cocteau. Over time, it evolved into a stylish icon, adored for its elegant design and enchanting scents.
Elevate your space with our must-have home air purifier and fragrance set. Indulge in a variety of stunning glass containers, each carefully curated with wonderful scents to suit your style and preferences. Breathe in the freshness and beauty of your surroundings like never before.
"The Lampe Berger is a functional and attractive accessory which has spanned the years, purifying indoor air and acting as a room deodorizer adding an elegant or contemporary touch to every home. In view of this popularity, Maurice Berger’s successors decided to continue to embellish indoor air and developed new rituals with candles, scented bouquets and many more.
Maison Berger Paris uses its expertise to strengthen your well-being, by taking care of indoor air. The products in the collections aim at pleasing both the body and mind. In its different rituals, Maison Berger Paris unfolds the entire scope of its exceptional know-how and implements highly specialized technical solutions."
lampe maison berger air pur home fragrance annapolis md


To ensure the safety of our products, Maison Berger is currently available for curbside orders only. Unfortunately, The Painted Cottage cannot ship these items due to their delicate glass and alcohol-based liquid content. We sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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