Collection: Maison Berger


How does the lamp really work?

1) When our alcohol-based fragrance is poured into the Lampe Berger, the solution is absorbed by the wick into the catalytic stone.

2) After the initial lighting, the heat of the stone breaks down malodorous molecules, neutralizing them.

3) As the stone continues to burn the solution, fueling the catalytic process,Maison Berger Fragrance is diffused. *Note that one can always use our Air Pur So Neutral solution to eliminate odors without diffusing fragrance.

Using fragrances other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.

Due to the fragile nature of our Maison Berger products, we do not ship these items. Maison Berger can only be purchased with curbside pick up or local delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

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    Maison Berger