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Do you love the coziness of cocooning indoors on a stormy day? In a color reminiscent of storm clouds over the ocean, the Boule Smoked Fragrance Lamp is an invitation to quiet contemplation.

In this reissue of the popular Boule Lampe Berger, translucent lacquered glass creates a light, ethereal effect. The lamp’s smooth texture and spherical shape are harmonious and appealing. Light reflects off the sleek surface and passes through the mysterious shade somewhere between green and grey.

No matter the rest of the world, your space will feel like a tranquil haven, an island of calm in the middle of the storm.

Wondering how to light a Lampe Berger?

It is so simple!

  1. Choose any of Maison Berger Paris’s home fragrance lamp
  2. Fill the lamp with the home fragrance of your choice.
  3. Light the burner.
  4. Blow the flame out after a couple of minutes to clean the air and release French fragrance that creates an atmosphere as sunny as a clear day.

The Lampe Berger has a unique and patented diffusion system that helps eradicate undesirable odors and bacteria while also diffusing your favorite fragrance. Purify your air the French way.

Fragrance Lamp sold in a gift pack with 4 accessories:

  1. Wick-burner
  2. Straight silver diffuser cap
  3. Stopper cap
  4. Funnel
  • Home Fragrance refills are sold separately.


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