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Moonglow - Necklace

Moonglow - Necklace

As eye-catching as a streak of light in the night sky, the Sky Light Necklace captures both the imagination and heart of its wearer.

This necklace serves as a metaphor not to be overlooked, demonstrating the fact that even during dark or uncertain times of life, your wishes and attitude allow you to shine and prosper. A meteor is a bright, transient series of light resulting from a piece of space debris burning as it enters the earth's atmosphere at high speed - and we named this pendant after this phenomenon! Every moon glows in dark environments just like the moon in the sky that night, which serves as a constant reminder of the events and people that are important to you. 

- 10mm moon image

- Silver plated pendant

- 16"-19" adjustable stainless steel chain   

Will My Moon Glow?

Yes! All Moonglow moons absorb the light during the day and will glow in the dark, keeping your Moment shining bright! If your moon seems to not be glowing, hold it near a bright light and let it 'charge' back up!

Find your moon phase:

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