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Whip up hours of fast-paced, picture-matching excitement!

Three picture cards and three clue cards are set out onto the table. Instantly, all brains begin calculating.

Picture cards: starfish, cupcake, bulldozer. Clue cards: "Meant to go in your mouth" – "Too heavy to lift" – "Often found in water."

Read fast, think fast, and match fast – It's up to you to slap and grab the clues and pictures that match quicker than your opponents!

Put the speed of your synapses to the ultimate test with the intensely fun game of Slapzi.

  • Fast-paced game of matching pictures with clue cards
  • Encourages reading skills, quick thinking, fast reflexes, good sportsmanship
  • Put your reading reflexes to the ultimate test!
  • Set out 3 picture cards and 3 clue cards, then race to match them up
  • Whoever can match them up the fastest wins!
  • Many ways to play for endless excitement
  • Includes 120 picture cards, 65 clue cards
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Packaged in sturdy storage box
  • High quality materials for lasting durability, exceptional game play

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